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Head of the Fish

Date: Saturday - Sunday October 27-28, 2018

Who Goes: All Varsity, JV and most Novices 

**Singles race Saturday afternoon. All other junior events are on Sunday. We will ask all rowers racing on Sunday to be at the course by 1pm on Saturday to rig. Please get a hotel reservation for Saturday night. Please check the tentative schedule for an idea of the schedule. We would recommend making a hotel reservation that you CAN cancel.**

Regatta Website: Click Here
Venue: Lee's Park, Saratoga, NY

Directions: GPS address for venue - 1466 Rt. 9P, Saratoga Lake, NY
Parking: Parking is $15.  There is no rower drop off in the venue.  If you pull in you must pay to park. 

Tentative Schedule: Click Here

Parent Volunteering:  Coming soon
Race Line-ups: Coming soon

Trailer Loading: Friday at practice
Unloading: TBA

Rower Information:

  • Singles (1x) will race Saturday afternoon. All others will race Sunday
  • All rowers should be at the venue 3 hours prior to their race time
  • There is no practice Saturday afternoon at the venue
  • Everyone racing before noon on Sunday must be there Saturday to rig.  Rowers who are rigging Saturday are to be there at 4 pm. 
  • Food and drinks are provided for the rowers on Sunday only
  • Be prepared with layers and boots! It will most likely be cold weather and muddy!


Hotel Options: Those that need a hotel only need Saturday night. Make sure any reservation you make can be cancelled!

Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs - 518-584-4550

Hampton Inn Saratoga Springs - 518-584-2100

Saratoga Hilton - 518-584-4000

Comfort Inn & Suites - 518-587-6244

Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs - 866-538-1314

Hilton Garden Inn Clifton Park (25 min away) - 855-239-9477

Hyatt Place Malta (15 min away) - 218-885-1109

   Holiday Inn Express Latham (30 min away) - 855-239-9222

*There are many other options. These are just a few of the ones we have stayed at before* 


Useful Information:

  • We will have the Food Tent on Sunday only. If you are racing on Saturday please bring with you water and food as needed.
  • Check the weather forecast. We are heading north so it will be colder than our weather at home. If you need to be there in the morning expect temperatures close to freezing! 
  • Be prepared with boots. The venue is often very muddy!