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Saturday, October 6, 2018       

Indian Well State Park, Shelton CT


Official regatta site and information


Parking Location:

2 Corporate Drive, Shelton, CT

There is no parking at the regatta site. All parking is off site. Parking organizers are asking for $5 donation to Habitat for Humanity.  Shuttles run regularly from the parking garage to the regatta. It can take 20-30 minutes to ride the shuttle bus from the parking site to the venue.


Rower Information:

All rowers should be at the venue (at the trailer) 2.5 hours prior to their race time

The venue has a “wet launch” meaning rowers walk the boat into the water and then climb in. Pack extra socks & clothing.

Food and drinks are provided for the rowers (this is included in the rowing fees)

Parent Information:

Be sure to bring a chair and layer clothing - it can get very chilly early and then get very warm.  

Parents and families are welcome have some breakfast and lunch at the tent - we just ask that you make a contribution in our donation jar to cover the cost of your food.

Heat Sheets:

This list provides the times and boats that New Canaan Crew & Maritime athletes are participating in.  




Photo's from the regatta


Regatta Results: Check here regularly for real time updates


2017 Results (All Results)

Event 3: 1x Junior Men competition  
  1 Alex Abbruzzese       17:17.8
  2 Chandler Scheurkogel    17:28.8
Event 10: 1x Junior Women competition  
  7 Margaret Adams  19:18.2
  11 Isabelle DeSpirito   19:47.1
  14 Gwenan Walker   20:20.2
Event 15: 8+ Junior 2V Men (2nd 8+) competition  
  17 Katrina Tehrani, Jack Hynes, Benjamin Thorsheim, Niels Sogaard, Mac Busby, Alexander Weissman, Barrett Brown, Hunter Driscoll, Ian Holmberg  16:00.2
Event 29: 8+ Junior Novice Men competition  
  5 Henry Benton, Ian Holly, Christopher Talamo, Blake Whittaker, Henry McGinness, Jack Phelps, Casey Whittaker, Myron Czebiniak, John Plum   15:44.3
Event 31: 8+ Junior Novice Women competition  
  6 Victoria Van Ingen, Kaitlyn Sill, Shelby Oak, Lexy Zitzmann, Anna Schorr, Lily Plum, Ingrid Weissman, Elizabeth Gregory, Allyson Johnson 17:36.9
Event 32: 4+ Junior 1V Women (1st 4+) competition  
  14 Carly Legenzowski, Anna Meli, Quinn Fleming, Mackenzie Cote, Jenna Brameier 17:33.9
Event 33: 8+ Junior 1V Men (1st 8+) competition  
  7 Carly Legenzowski, Andrew Orner, James Trentos, Ryan Sill, Alexander Williams, Tighe Ekern, Reese Gregory, Tyler Brennan, Jasper Tucker 13:28.2
Event 35: 4x Junior Men competition  
  1 Alex Abbruzzese, James Hilton, Tim Cone, Salim Onbargi 14:02.1
  3 Tyler Kortekaas, Jack Batchelor, Chandler Scheurkogel, Griffin Lesica  14:35.0
  4 Samuel Seter, John-Clement Sanzone, William Kynast, Max Plum  14:38.3
  7 Nicholas Mantione, Francis Tucci, Eric Morgan, Erick Miljkovic* 15:21.0
  11 Will Hall-Tipping, Oliver Richardson, Kaden Lints, Tavish Lesica 15:32.9
  13 Daniel Loginsky, Colin Vetterli, Nash Hooper, Andrew Simoneau* 15:50.3
Event 38: 4x Junior Women competition  
  2 Rachel Smith, Casey Martin, Isabelle DeSpirito, Margaret Adams   15:39.4
  4 Elektra Smicka, Natalie Partlow, Amanda Hall, Gwenan Walker   15:57.3
  8 Ava MacNeal, Merel Sutherland, martina radoslavov, Olivia Sheridan 16:35.9
Event 39: 4+ Junior 2V Men (2nd 4+) competition  
  5 Skylar Severance, Robert Carpenter, Max Friedland, Alexander Weissman, Nicholas Roeder-Yika  16:10.2
Event 50: 4+ Junior 1V Men (1st 4+) competition  
  8 Carly Legenzowski, Benjamin Castle, Maximilian Lindeis, Kyle Brody, Nicholas Van ingen   15:15.1
  11 Mary Cate Carlo, Zachary Johnston, Edward Leete-Koeckert, Dylan Koproski, Ryan Borsy   15:32.9

* Note: rowers were moved around in some boats




The park is open until 6pm on Friday. It re-opens at 6am on Sat. Although the park is not guarded at night a locked gate blocks the entrance. Organizations have regularly parked trailers overnight in past years.

Awards:  Head of the Housatonic medals are custom-designed, hand-crafted pewter made locally in Connecticut. First place medals are awarded in every race. Second place medals are awarded in events with at least 6 entries.
Third place medals are awarded in events with at least 10 entries.