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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mercer Lake, Windsor Township, NJ


Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta Homepage


Novice and JV Rowers will race at this event (Olga's and maybe Anna's Rowers)


Venue & Parking Location:

GPS Address:  334 South Post Road, West Windsor, NJ0

Parking at the venue is $10


Rower Information:

Rowers are to be at the boat trailer 2 ½ hours before their race so that they have time to rig, warm up and launch well before start time.

Food and drinks are provided for the rowers

Parent Information:

We will not have our food trailer or parent tents set up at this event.  We suggest that parents meet to watch racing at the finish line – which is very exciting, or at the gazebo.  There will be food for sale at the venue


Regatta Results:

Check here regularly for real time updates




Event and Time



Event 1: Men's HS Novice 8+


Bow # for head race

9:05 and possibly 11:56

Entry A: KATRINA TEHRANI, Ian Holly, Jack Phelps, Dominic Seibold, Thomas Frank, Myron Czebiniak, Mac Busby, John Plum, Casey Whittaker


9:05 and possibly 11:56

Entry B: Henry Benton, Blake Whittaker, George Truslow, Elliott Howe, James Crehan, Michael Aronsohn, Braden Meese, Gonzalo Escajadillo, Lachlan McLaren


9:05 and possibly 11:56

Entry C: Tess Goodman, Roen Crameri, Kamron Manii, Aidan Smith, Winston Prescott, Joseph McLaughlin, Christopher Tovar, christian dasilva, Thomas McHugh





Event 5: Men's HS 2x



Entry A: Daniel Loginsky, Andrew Simoneau



Entry B: Nash Hooper, Erick Miljkovic



Entry C: Francis Tucci, Eric Morgan





Event 13: Mens HS JV 8+



Entry A: MaryCate Carlo, Barrett Brown, Daniel Loginsky, Hunter Driscoll, Francis Tucci, Nicholas Mantione, Colin Vetterli, Eric Morgan, IAN HOLMBERG





Event 25: Mens HS 4x 



Entry A: Daniel Loginsky, Erick Miljkovic, Nash Hooper, Andrew Simoneau



Entry B: Jack Hynes, Andrew Gifford, Josh Herbert, Alexander Weissman



Entry C: Christopher Talamo, George Lathrop, Henry McGinness, Quinlan Daly



Entry D:     Neils Sogard, Lachlan McLaren, Casey Whittaker, Kieran Daly





Event 28: Womens HS Novice 8+ 



Entry A: Victoria Van Ingen, Lexy Zitzmann, Kaitlyn Sill, Lily Plum, Shelby Oak, Isabella Partlow, Anna Schorr, Ingrid Weissman, Allyson Johnson



Entry B: Skylar Severance, Emily Kieran-Mendez, Iman Onbargi, Ally Rosenbaum, Claudia Stanley, Kaitlyn Mulcahy, Chloe Adams, Claudia Miljkovic, Eleanor Davies