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2007 Pie Sale Fundraiser


Pie pick-up is Saturday, November 17 from 12:00-2:00pm at Saxe Middle School. 


Co-Chairs:  Nancy Ferreira  966-7306  and Betsi Krivo 972-8387


If you have not had a Grandma Miller pie, you are missing out!  They are delicious!  …..so start thinking of neighbors, friends and relatives.  Our pickup day is the weekend before Thanksgiving and the perfect time to stock your freezer for upcoming holidays!  We make this sale short (but sweet!)  Rowers will have two weeks in which to sell with all packets and monies due by October 30.



This year, we will be selling the following items:



Pies ~ Apple, Apple Crumb, Cherry, Pecan, Pumpkin, Summer Berry and a Black Bottom Bourbon Pecan (which is their best seller )

            Another popular choice is  the Chicken Potpie….the perfect crew dinner!  Weighs over 3 lbs.!


Quick Breads ~ Banana (no nuts), Cranberry Orange Pecan, Lemon Blueberry, and Vermont Maple Apple Bread (no nuts)


Lemon Pound Cake


Specialty Cookies ~  Macaroons,  and new this year - Almond Horns and Wonderbars.


~ This is a big and very necessary fundraiser for us.  As we are a self funding club sport and not financially supported by the school, this fundraiser provides us with much needed equipment.  We ask that each high school rower sell $250 worth of pies.  If you are adverse to fundraisers and choose not to participate then you can make a donation to the program instead.


~ Pie pick-up is Saturday, November 17 from 12:00-2:00pm at Saxe Middle School.  The Rowathon is also Saturday morning in town and ends at 12:00pm.  This year, we ask only the rowers to retrieve their pie orders from the pickup area and deliver them to the people who ordered them.  With over 150 rowers this year, it is just too confusing otherwise. Please make arrangements with your customers to deliver their pies Saturday, November 17th in the afternoon.  If necessary, they can meet you at the pickup, but orders WILL ONLY be released to the rowers or their designated pickup person.


~ We ask that all rowers turn in their folders, complete with order form and monies by Tuesday, October 30 to the Boathouse or to Mrs. Campbell at 734 Ponus Ridge.  If we don’t receive a packet  from a rower, the  captains will have to call those rowers  to ensure that we have all orders placed and if we have a missing or lost packet we have time to track it down.


~ This year, we will give prizes to the top seller in each grade at the high school.


We need help with pick-up so please email Betsi Krivo, if you can help.


Good luck and have fun!!!!!!!