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US Rowing Youth Nationals Regatta



Nathan Benderson Park

Sarasota, FL

Friday, June 12 - Sunday, June 14

(Rig and practice Thursday, June 11)


The information below is from previous years.  We will leave it on the website as a point of reference and will update it as information becomes available from USRowing.

* The progressions of racing will include, reps, semis, A, B and C Finals. Racing will begin on Friday Morning at 9:30 a.m.

* A computerized random draw will be used

* Heat sheets and schedule information are available at www.racetrak.com

* Registration will open on Thursday June 9th 11am - 5 pm at the USRowing

* The Heat Schedule on Friday follows the same order as the finals. The repechages will be in this same order as will the semi-finals. Those who are doubling please be aware that many events now have a tight turn around. They are all still doable but we do not encourage you to double. No extra time will be allowed for hot seating and we will not change the schedule now that it has been posted. We do not want people scratching their races after they have raced the heats because they are too tired. Please consider this prior to arriving.

*We will be following the rules of rowing

*Oars must match

*Uniforms must match

*Bow numbers will be provided
*Coaches and coxswains meeting will be Thursday, June , 5:00 pm at the venue

*Practice times are as follows: Thursday 10am-5pm; after coach’s and cox meeting until 8pm. After racing practice times will be posted at the venue.