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Only experienced rowers will go to this event

GMS Regatta

Sunday, September 16, 2011
72 Grove Street

New Milford, CT


9:30 am:  Junior Boats launch

10:30 am: Junior 6k Events start

12 noon: Junior Events end

1:00 pm: Awards Ceremony


             Rowers Registered for GMS  Sunday, Sept 16

Below is the schedule from 2012 - it will likely be similar for 2013 and we will update as soon as we get info
Schedule of Events
7:00am Registration Opens (Also open on Saturday 3pm – 5pm)
7:00am Weigh In for lightweights opens in Office
7:00am Marshals, referees and timers meeting, in Lecture Room building
7:30am Coxswains and Scullers meeting with Chief Referee, in front of dock
8:00am Launch Masters/Open shells
8:30am Shuttle Bus service starts, from top of site near road and large tree.
8:45am Masters/Open Challenge starts
9:30am Launch all College & Junior boats
10:00am Masters/Open Challenge Event finishes
10:15am Junior participants cleared to proceed to Start from Launch Holding area
10:30am College & Junior 6K Events start
10:45am Junior 10k Event starts
11:30am Lunch and refreshments
11:30am Music starts
12:00pm College & Junior Events finish
12:15pm Shuttle Bus service ceases
1:00pm Awards Ceremony
1:30pm Launch Sprint shells
1:45 pm Sprint Challenge starts
2:15pm Sprints Awards Ceremony
3:30pm End of Regatta Activities
Good luck and row fast!


We will not have our big food tent at this event, but we do plan to have bagels and water/gatorade for the rowers so please plan to bring some snacks and drinks for yourself and your kids.  

For those of you new to this regatta, all of the JR boats (our kids) launch at one time and then wait up river for their race.  It looks from the schedule below that all boats launch at 9:30 - so rowers should be at the venue by 7:30.  PLEASE confirm this time with your coach!

You cannot view the race from the launch/trailer site.  Spectators either drive their cars up to the viewing area or they take the shuttle bus.  The shuttle bus drops spectators off at Lovers Leap State Park and you hike up the trail to see the spectacular view from above the racecourse.  
Race results can be viewed at  http://powerhousetiming.com/
Further race details can be found at https://www.regattacentral.com/index.jsp

Click on the links below for more information about the schedule (9:30 launch for Juniors rowing the 6K distance), parking, etc.  

www.regattacentral.com/index.jsp shows the schedule of events.  You can access entries and other information from there.            

www.gmsrowingcenter.us/regatta.asp has maps.