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 This fundraiser works only if you participate! Our target is for every team member to sell at least $250 worth of plants.
·        Included in this packet are the forms you need for selling plants.
·        Write your name and phone number on the top of all forms – include your cell number that will allow us to reach you on pick up day if there is a question.
·        Let the buyers know that this is a fundraiser for your team. Please make sure you thank them for supporting New Canaan Crew. Use the enclosed "letter to neighbors" for your neighbors who are not home.
·        The buyer can fill out their order form but please review it and check the math to see that the amount you collect matches the order form. Be sure the form is filled out correctly and include your name and phone number and the buyer's name and phone number at the top and your names at the bottom.
·        Specify who will be picking up the plants, if it is someone other than the buyer.
·        All orders are to be paid at the time of ordering. Collect payment in cash or checks. Checks should be made out to NCHS Crew.
·        Tear off the bottom part of the form to leave with the buyer as a reminder of the pick-up day. Include your name here as well.
·        Record the name and phone number of each buyer on your List of Buyers sheet. Call everyone on your list on May 1st or 2nd to remind them to pick up their plants on Saturday, May 3rd at EAST SCHOOL.
·        Place all orders with checks and cash back in your selling envelope, indicate the total of your sales dollars on the outside of the envelope and place it in the box labeled 'Plant Sale' at the boathouse.
All orders MUST be returned by Thursday, April 17th .
EAST SCHOOL   Noon to 1p.m.
All rowers (or a parent) must help on pickup day at East School
Look for emails/ announcements regarding volunteering.
Questions? call:
Melanie Berman 966-3268 / Jill Karnedy 972-7561
Remember, your participation can help the team buy equipment. 
Prizes will be given to each of the top three sellers!

Start Selling Now!
Captains / Coordinators:
                Janette Kuhn        Kathleen Holec    Patrick Cleveland     Sam Freedgood 

For additional order forms, click here:  http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/2639/15801.xls